Jason Charm – “Clout Mask Replica”

Detroit emcee / producer , Jason Charm, has just dropped his highly anticipated mixtape, Clout Mask Replica. With a deep discography and several aliases, Jason Charm has been refining his craft since he began dropping mixtapes back in the early 2000’s. Since then, he has built an impressive body of work that speaks to the hip-hop purists out there who miss that nostalgic golden era vibe.

It takes the ear of a true hip-hop head to dig up and chop unique samples to make a classic beat, and to follow through by pinpointing the best pocket to flow over. When you take into account the soulful production chops, word play and lyricism of Jason Charm, it becomes clear that he is a student of the game, with a style that is reminiscent to his biggest influence and home town hero, J. Dilla.

This latest release serves as a shining example of Charm’s versatility as an artist. Flowing over self produced instrumentals under his producer moniker John Great, as well as other sample driven beats from the likes of The Alchemist, Knxwledge and Earl Sweatshirt, Clout Mask Replica is an 11 track project sure to speak hip hop fans of all eras. Be sure to check out the latest from Jason Charm, and as always, share your thoughts with us below.