Marz Mabanta – “Dark Like My Heart”

Toronto artist Marz Mabanta enters the New Year on a high note following the success of his highly anticipated  EP, Dark Like My Heart. Building from the momentum of two well received singles, “Right Now” and “Charms”, Mabanta delivers a strong 5 track body of work highlighting his skills as a songwriter, producer and emcee. 

From front to back, Marz effortlessly  floats  over moody trap inspired instrumentals as he switches his flow between melodic hooks, catchy melodies and hard hitting bars. “Dark Like My Heart” proves to be an introspective and personal offering from Marz as he takes listers though his musical come up, focusing on the highs and lows that come along with it. 

A shining example of this vulnerability is seen on the album’s intro track “C0pe”, which finds Marz reflecting on his fight or flight instincts while trying to navigate through a cut throat city.  In contrast  to the sense of hopelessness found on “C0pe”, singles like “Right Now” and “Charms” find Marz carefree and in his lyrical element as he raps about his accolades and accomplishments throughout his career.

If you’re looking for the perfect mood music to vibe out with, this latest drop from Marz has you covered on all fronts. Be sure to check out the latest from Marz Mabanta, and be on the lookout for his upcoming single tell me, pulled off his forthcoming  EP, “Sorry for the wait prt. 2”.