Sha’leah Nikole – ‘Work of heart interview’

This week on the pod we’re excited to have an emerging LA voice join us, one who cannot stop listening to, Sha’leah Nikole!

Sha’leah is an incredible talent who’s had a very interesting start to her career. Starting at the Amazing Grace Conservatory, she’s been able to work with artists ranging from Nipsey Hustle to D Smoke early in her career, and was even able to become a member of Kanye West’s Sunday Service Choir! She’s now fresh off of the release of her debut project “Work of heART,” which is front-to-back an amazing introduction to what Sha’leah can do musically.

During our conversation we discuss her new album Work of heART, collaborating with the likes of Nipsey Hustle, D Smoke, and Buddy, her time at the Amazing Grace Conservatory, and being a part of Kanye West’s Sunday Service and meeting him for the first time (we also here Mike “stan” about Kanye West).

As always, we’ve included full tracks throughout the episode so you can discover Sha’leah’s music during the episode. Make sure to also check out her Instagram here so you can stay up-to-date on everything Sha’Leah is up to, including her upcoming acting gig, and the social work she’s doing in the community.

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