SLMN x kvn Rose –  “Where Did You Go” ft. anders.

Juno Award-winning Toronto-based producer SLMN releases his latest single  “Where Did You Go” with Kvn Rose featuring anders. Signed to Sony Music Publishing, SLMN broke out into the Hip Hop and RnB scene with his 2016 hit “Too Much Time” which garnered five million plus streams. Since then, SLMN has become one of Canada’s most sought out producers, with a catalogue of production credits for artists such as TOBI, anders, Mariah Carey, Russ , Lil Gnar & Lil Yachty and Roy Wood$ among others.

On “Where Did You Go” SLMN explains, “The song ‘Where Did You Go’ began as a rough demo in my studio basement in Mississauga last summer.  Kvn Rose and I had just started to find a great rhythm with each other as we’d been regularly collaborating at this point. Being in the heat of summer, it was a perfect time to try a ting, and Kvn’s ability to pump out incredible melodies off the top is something really special. Fast forward to March 2022, I was listening to the demo in my car and thought anders would kill a verse on this, so I called him up, told him about the record, and he didn’t hesitate at all in agreeing to try a verse. The next day in my email Anders sent us the verse, and now it felt like a full song.”