Silla and Rise – Silarjuaq

Ottawa/Nunavut-based group Silla and Rise share their highly anticipated album, Silarjuaq. Founded in 2016, the trio has left a mark on the World music scene though their unique blend of traditional aspects of Inuit throat singing fused with dance / hip hop inspired instrumentals. Throughout their career, Silla and Rise have been nominated for two JUNO Awards; Indigenous Music Album of the Year in 2017, for their self-titled Debut: Silla + Rise, followed by a nod for their second album, Galactic Gala, for World Music Album of the Year in 2019.

Earlier this month, Silla and Rise shared their latest project Silarjuaq, via Balanced Records. The project’s title is the Inuktitut word for Universe. Its root, Sila, has a broad definition that encompasses concepts of weather, the land, the spirit of the atmosphere, cunning, and intelligence. Adding the affix “-juaq” makes it “large” and alludes to the grander structure of the cosmos in which we find ourselves.