Nnamdï -“Backseat”

Gearing up for the release of his forth coming album, Are You Happy, Chicago producer and multi-instrumentalist artist Nnamdï shares the projects latest single, “Backseat”. Since his 2013 release, Bootie Noir, The Chicago artist has gained high praise from music fans across the board with his ability to pull from freeform jazz, hip-hop, acoustic and electronica sonics to create a unique style that cannot be tied down to any one specific genre of music. In addition to his music, Nnamdï is also the mastermind behind Sooper Records, a Chicago based record label founded in 2016 operated by Nnamdï, Sen Morimoto and Glenn Curran. Over the years, Nnamdï has played in several bands — drums in Monobody, bass in the punk band Nervous Passenger and the art-rock group Teen Cult. He’s also put out dozens of in home releases on Bandcamp, first as Nnamdi’s Sooper-Dooper Secret Side Project, and eventually decided to drop music under his birth name. Be on the look out for Are You Happy, set to drop this Friday, November 12th.

I’m excited and grateful to get to share these songs with you all. Me and Lynyn worked on them starting last year through a time of introspection when things were generally bleak. Hopefully these songs will bring you some happiness, peace, awareness or slight improvement to your lives. Making them definitely has done that for me.” Nnamdï