The Legend Adam Bomb ft. Frankie Payne – “5 Shots of Whisky”

Toronto artist The Legend Adam Bomb shares a brand new set of visuals to his latest release, “5 Shots of Whisky“. Connecting with fellow Toronto artist Frankie Payne for a smooth hook and The Russian Futurists for the beat, this track finds Adam Bomb reflecting on his career while addressing critics of the genre who praise the superficial elements of Hip Hop rather than lyricism, delivery and longevity.

As a Juno award winning artist and 1/3 of the Toronto Hip Hop Powerhouse, Naturally Born Strangers, Adam Bomb has left his mark on Canadian Hip Hop, creating a body of work that speaks for itself. Bar for bar, there are few emcees who can match Adam Bomb’s pen game, and as his verse states, “Please don’t compare me to them when I’ve been on top from the jump/ No slips since 0-6, they might’ve been hot for a month“. The visual treatment for this latest release was handled by Dan Jardine for Boom Shoal Enterprises. Be sure to check out the latest from one of Toronto’s finest, and as always, share your thoughts with us below.