Hamilton artist KVNE returns to the scene with the release of his highly anticipated album, FWB. As an engineer, producer and performer, KVNE, has proven release after release that he is the walking definition of a multifaceted artist. Whether it’s an emotional R&B ballad, a turn up club record or an introspective acoustic cut, KVNE  continues to push the boundaries of conventional R&B, Pop and Hip Hop sonics, creating his own unique sound that cannot be boxed into one specific lane.With that being said,  FWB proves to be KVNE’s most ambitious and engaging release to date, and finds the artists staying true to his musical roots while exploring new forms of instrumentation and  influences. FWB highlights KVNE’s  flair for melody that allows every richly atmospheric song on the album to stand out boldly, boasting strong  hooks and captivating lyrical thematics. In Classic KVNE Fashion, FWB, is filled with records that touch on turbulent relationships, the highs and lows of a rock star lifestyle and the celebration of goals achieved. To put this latest release over the top, KVNE enlisted guest appearances from Ashton Adams, Raven J, Liquid M and Medylandia who all individually add their own flair and style on their respective tracks. Be sure to check out the latest from KVNE, and as always, share your thoughts with us below.