Clairmont The Second – “It’s Not How It Sounds”

Toronto artist, Clairmont the Second, returns to the scene with his highly anticipated album, It’s Not How It Sounds.  For the past several years Clairmont has been paving  his own lane within the Canadian Hip Hop scene, creating a sound entirely his own, one which stands out boldly in contrast to the paint by numbers sonics coming out of the Six. Since the 2014 release of Project II, Clairmont has fully embraced the title of a multi hyphenate artist, winning over legions of loyal fans through his production, lyricism and creative visual direction. Leading up to the release of, It’s Not How It Sounds, Clairmont jumped onto his IG to let his fans know that he’s worked too hard on this latest release (and throughout his career) to have his efforts be overlooked by mainstream Hip Hop platforms. Every cut on this nine track album backs up Clairmont’s statement, showcasing his ability to masterfully blend style and substance, giving fans yet another certified, Lil Mont Classic. Throughout It’s Not How It Sounds, Clairmont touches on a wide array of topics, ranging from the importance of artistic integrity, Good Kid / Mad City struggles and early childhood nostalgia. From a production stand point, Clairmont channels some Stanley Kubrick vibes as he weaves haunting synths and pads over smooth jazz inspired keys and drum brakes, laying the perfect backdrop for his Hip Hop screen play. Be sure to check out the latest from Clairmont the Second, and as always, share your thoughts with us below.