Mayhoose – “(L)Earn Podcast” & “HHR,Pt.1 (Bock Love)”

Mississauga creative Mayhoose aka 905FlowerChild announces the release of his brand new podcast (L)Earn. For the past several years, Mayhoose, has made a name for himself within the GTA arts scene through his videography/photography work under the moniker, the.masked.shoota. As an individual with first hand industry experience and a relentless passion to create content, (L)Earn aims to be the artists most ambitious and engaging project to date. Mayhoose’s goal with this new series is to reach young  creatives and entrepreneurs in hopes to educate them on financial independence, wellness and the importance of  continued independent learning. Drawing from experience, FlowerChild takes listeners through a journey of personal growth, dropping countless gems and life hacks on how to overcome  life’s roadblocks through self belief and perseverance. (L)Earn is hosted by 905FlowerChild’s brand new label, Off The Grid w/ Ghosts, which the creator defines as “a label focused on artistic growth by educating and leading artists to systems of ownership.” Make sure you subscribe to  (L)Earn from Mayhoose, and for some bonus content, take in the artists powerful spoken word piece, “HHR,Pt.1 (Bock Love).”

MayhooseHHR,Pt.1 (Bock Love)

(L)Earn – Breaking It Down