Moka Only – “It Can Do”

Vancouver artist Moka Only returns with some classic golden era vibes in the form of his latest album, It Can Do.” For over three decades, Moka O has been an integral contributor to the Canadian Hip Hop music scene, laying down the foundation for what is now thriving community of emcees, producers and vocalists. Boasting a discography of over 100 projects, this latest self-produced 13 track album is filled with classic Moka aesthetics; Lush production, soulful melodies and above all else, top notch lyricism. Purchase your copy of It Can Do on Vinyl, CD or Digital format via Moka Only’s band camp page, hit the jump below for a direct link.

The instrumental aspect of the new release is a clear nod to the future of where the artist is heading to, suggesting that instrumental composition is at the very heart of Moka’s being. “It Can Do” offers musically fragmented repetition that conjures an airy, wide-open, freedom, not often heard in contemporary rap.