BLK – “Got It”

Made In Sauga trio BLK looks to shake up the Canadian R&B scene with their latest release, “I Got It.” Comprised of group members Bexk, Lilac X, and Korahjay, BLK is a home grown product of GTA artists united by a shared love a music. The trio all descend from  a rich lineage of musicians in their respective family trees, and this eclectic mix of influences shines through in the groups dynamic. Bexk is known for her clever word play and lyricism, Lilac X for her out of the box melodic approach, and Korahjay for her lush vocals and cadence. Combine all of these elements, and you have a triple threat crew poised to make some serious waves in the music industry.  This latest single “I Got It” is an uptempo recored that celebrates topics such as self-esteem, self-worth and empowerment. Be sure to check out the latest from BLK, and as always, share your thoughts with us below.