Die- Rek x Dj Sean P – “No Questions”

Coming off the success of his latest album release, The Dying Ones, Toronto artist Die- Rek returns with a brand new single, “No Questions.” Connecting with DJ Sean P for the instrumental and cuts, this latest record is a shining testament to the original mission statement of hip hop, which is of course to uplift and inspire, while at the same time providing us with a little something to bop our heads to. Flowing over a smooth, golden era inspired beat, Die- Rek, cuts through the back drop with electrifying bars expressing optimism and faith in a higher power, an approach to music that’s sorely lacking in today’s formulaic world of hip-hop. There’s no question that the current social climate is one of anxiety, fear and uncertainty. It’s during these times that the masses depend on our artists to throw us a life line through their art, giving us meaningful  content to get lost in. Take the opening lines from “No Question” to heart, and be sure to cue up the latest from Die- Rek in your “Everything is going to be Alright Playlist.”