Kool Keith – “Saks 5th Ave”

Hip Hop pioneer Kool Keith continues to build his prolific resume with the release of his 19th studio album,  Saks 5th Ave. Kool Keith’s legacy has been embedded in hip hop history ever since his 1984 debut as co founder of the iconic group,  Ultramagnetic MCs. For over three decades, Keith has captured the ear of hip hop heads with his surreal, abstract and intricate flows; a style that has been mimicked by many, but is only owned by one. Throughout his career Keith has kept fans on their toes with a discography full of twists and turns, building a body of work that has seen constant sonic change and evolution. This latest release of  Saks 5th Ave has been dubbed as the artist most sophisticated release to date, serving as both a stepping stone forward in the artist’s career, as well as a much needed reminder that Keith remains one of the most  innovative emcees the genre has ever seen.