Jerelle – “Either Way”

Coming off of yet another successful stretch of live performances across Ontario, our boy Jerelle keeps the momentum in his favour with the release of his new single, “Either Way.” The latest from Jerelle is a self produced, mixed and engineered record built around heavy guitar licks and hard hitting bars. One of the key elements in Jerelle’s music that allows him to stand out boldly from the rest of the hip hop scene is his fearlessness on the mic. “Either Way” is an introspective record that gives fans an up close and personal  look into the emcees inner thoughts as he vents out venerabilities, trauma  and uncertainties. Whether it’s a tun up record or a deep cut such as this latest release, anytime Jerelle is on the mic, it becomes abundantly clear that his lyrics and content are coming from a genuine place. In a game filled with gimmicks and flash in the pan records, Jerelle stays true to his craft as he continues to push the precedent of artistic integrity forward. Be sure to check out the latest from Jerelle, and as always, share your thoughts with us below.