Raging Moses – “Talk To Me”

Colorado artist Raging Moses shines through his versatility and creativity as an artist with the release of his latest single, “Talk To Me.” Flowing over a dream like instrumental, this record finds Raging Moses switching his flow effortlessly between emceeing, harmonizing and spoken word deliveries, resulting in a track that is nothing short of pure, uplifting music. Raging Moses tackles a wide rang of topics on this record as he contemplates some of life’s most difficult uncertainties; love, purpose and and self worth.  If you’re needing a pick me up to help pull yourself out of a slum, Raging Moses has curated the prefect sound track to get you back on your feet. These days it can be a challenge to remain optimistic when we are indoctrinated to an endless down pour of negative news, unrealistic social pressures and monetary constraints that are placed on us form our society. This record from Raging Moses reminds us all that throughout the gloom and doom, it is always darkest just before the dawn. Be sure to check out the latest from Raging Moses, and as always, share your thoughts with is below.