Skaa -“Late Night Samples”

Skaa, a Manila native who currently resides in New York, has just dropped his latest album Late Night Samples. His album follows the release of his EP, Just an EP, and his 2019 singles “Tan Shades”, “Tel Aviv”, “Come Thru” and hsi 2018 singles “Malibu”, “Rosary”, “Essence”, “Novocaine” among a number of others which can be found on his website listed below. Skaa’s album is made up of 4 songs, each with their unique sound. Skaa manages to combine meaningful and powerful lyrics over a head-bopping beat – a feat which few have mastered.

Skaa is a hip-hop artist from Manila, Philippines who moved to New York 2 years ago to pursue his music career. He started rapping over instrumentals with vocal samples at the age of 16. His sound is a clever combination of old-school punch and modern clarity, inspired by artists such as Fabolous, Drake, Jay-Z, Joyner Lucas and Big L to mention a few. Skaa uses multiple musical styles to express himself, with powerful beats and intricate lyrics that cut right through the mix, highlighting the artist’s wit and profound ideas. Last summer in the early hours of the morning, Skaa was in his bedroom “vibing out to a bunch of [those] vocal sampled beats” mentioned earlier on and felt inspired. Before the sun had risen, Skaa had written 4 tracks and had them mixed and mastered the next day. Those 4 tracks are his EP Late Night Samples. Fitting name, right?