Rel McCoy ft. Eternia – “Peace”

Canadian hip hop heavy hitters Rel McCoy and Eternia share some positive vibrations  with their latest collabritive release, “Peace.” This record from Rel and Eternia is a deep dive into venerability as the duo drop some introspective verses over a beautiful acoustic instrumental laced with haunting vocal samples. Touching on a wide array of topics ranging from family, struggle and uncertainties, Rel and Eternia work through their inner dialogues in an attempt to find some peace. This latest release from Rel and Eternia is real  hip hop in it’s truest from, and was hand crafted for all the hip hop purists out here. Be on the lookout for Rel McCoy’s upcoming album A Different Crown, dropping Aug 8th  via Illect Recordings. In the mean time, take in “Peace” and share your thoughts with us below.