Devontée – “SUN OF DAWN”

Toronto kingpin Devontée sends out nothing but positive energy with the release of  his new five song EP,  SUN OF DAWN. Over the years, the Toronto emcee / producer has worked tirelessly to elevate the Toronto hip hop community, and can be sited as one of the key contributors to the scenes success. Throughout his career, Devontée has always been ahead of the curve with his production, content and song structure, creating a blueprint for artists to follow in their own quest to contribute to the infamous “Toronto sound.” At this point in time, it seems as though the soundscape of hip hop places heavy emphasis on excess, consumption and cheep thrills. After taking in Sun of Dawn, I hope that aspiring emcees out here will take note of the direction that Devontée is taking his music, and follow suite to create honest and thorough provoking content.

Though “Sun of Dawn” clocks in at a 20 + minute sonic experience, in my humble option, this project proves to be one of Devontée’s most uplifting and introspective projects to date. There are a lot of unsettling elements currently working against us in our society. Sun of Dawn serves as a reminder to the general public that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Do yourself a favour, and get your mind right with the positive vibrations Devontée brings to the table with this latest release.