Throughout his career, Mississauga artist Keita Juma has constantly been pushing the boundaries of  hip hop sonics and aesthetics, creating his own hybrid genre consisting of electronic, jazz and tribal musical influences. Never one to shy away from taking creative chances, Juma’s unique discography separates his artistry from the rest of the rap pack, standing out boldly on its own merit. It’s been a decade in the game since Juma released his debut album The Headphone, which dropped all the wayback in 2009, and the artist celebrates this milestone with the release of his sixth studio album, Young Zen Mode.

You could argue that at this current time in hip hop, there is an oversaturated market of artists coming out with various interruptions of the “New Wave” sound. These records are all built around the same formula of trap drums, hi hats and vocals dripping in autotune. More often than not the majority of these records released following the same blue print are interchangeable with one another, giving us few records with constant replay value.

With all that being said, artists such as Keita Juma are a necessity to the scene now more than ever. Rather than confirming to the industry standard, Juma’s latest release Young Zen Mode proves that innovators in the industry still exist, and if an artist is bold enough to make a stand for their creative integrity, they will reap all of the benefits. This 14 track project is musical experimentation at its finest. A wide rage of sounds fold seamlessly into one another as Juma laces otherworldly flows over spaced aged instrumentals. Young Zen Mode’s track list casts a wide net, giving a little something for all the hip hop heads, electronic junkies and all music lovers alike. Be sure to check out the latest from Keita Juma, and share your thoughts with us below.