Phalo Pantoja & Moemaw Naedon – “Hard Head Mush Brain”

Producer Phalo Pantoja and  emcee Moemaw Naedon join forces for their collabritive  release, Hard Head Mush Brain. This album right here  is a godsend for hip hop purists who have been feening for that golden era aesthetic with a modern twist. If you were to make a blue print of how to create an amazing, true to form hip hop album,  Hard Head Mush Brain would be an ideal candidate to study. This 18 track album hits all the marks for a dope hip hop project, and is  filled with hard hitting beats, nostalgic dj scratches, intricate word play and captivating vocal samples. These days, it seems as though more and more artists are satisfied with taking short cuts in their craft, resulting in fewer albums being released that aim to incorporate the key elements hip hop. With all that being said, Hard Head Mush Brain is a breath of fresh air for the true hip hop heads out there who want to see the genre realized to it’s full potential.

When you take in this project, it becomes clear to see that the chemistry between these two artists is undeniable. Phalo’s production chops are a throw back to classic boom bap records with an atmospheric undertone, and complement Moemaw’s larger than life presence on the mic. Hard Head Mush Brain also features guest appearances from Homeboy Sandman, KON Sci of MindsOne, DJ Iron, DJ Fadewell, Bro Seamus and Welcome Charles. Be sure to take in this latest project, and be sure to share your thoughts with us below.