Latrell James – “Tracphone”

Boston artist Latrell James connects with videographers Legacy Content for his latest visual release, “Tracphone.”  Latrell touches on a wide range of topics on this record, but the main take away from the emcees message is the effects of gentrification throughout the inner cities. The Legacy Content directed videos uses comedy and satire  to drive home Latrell’s message as the audience finds an unassuming middle class couple watching a bizarre VHS tape that features Latrell’s infomercial for “Free Hair Picks.” The couple watches on in confusion as Latrell lets off a series of bars centred around the disenfranchised,  but despite his best efforts, all of this rich content seems fall on deaf ears. This video is loaded with metaphors and I seem to take away a different message  after each viewing.

Latrell is one of the most promising emcees to come out of the Boston region, with his work being acknowledged by none other than Dreamville Records who invited the artist to imfamous Revenge of the Dreamers III studio session.  With a new EP on the way for 2019, the sky is the limit for Latrell James. Be sure to check out the latest release, and share your thoughts with us below.