C.Shreve the Professor – “The Hits Clean”

North Carolina rapper/educator C.Shreve the Professor takes some time in-between his tour run to release  a 21 track collection of songs titled The Hits Clean. The latest from C.Shreve is a compilation of DJ mixes and radio edits spanning over the last 5 years. The Hits Clean is an excellent introduction to Shreve’s catalog and is safe to play for the kids in the car from front to back.

C.Shreve is a family man, and wants to have his music accessible to all audiences. When asked about The Hits Clean, the emcee shared,  “I have an 8 year old. He has a grandma. I want everybody to be able to listen. The idea came about after a couple radio interviews where folks pointed out how few clean songs I had online. Luckily a lot of those folks were making their own radio edits.”

Shreve is currently finishing up his February tour run in his home state of North Carolina and will be headed up to New England for a soon to be announced series of dates in early March. FTO fans can expect new music and a video or two from the Professor very soon as he works towards a summer release of his yet to be named next album.