For over a decade Toronto has been at the forefront of hip hop and R&B music, and has brought the genre some of it’s most championed acts in the game. When you look at the success of home grown artists, it’s clear to see that the city is a hub for talent,leaving music fans and industry heads alike curious to know who will hold the torch for the future of the Toronto Sound.

Farewell crew member Notifi has been proving release after release that he is up for the challenge. Coming off 1.5 million streams off his debut,”Won’t Get Lonely,” The Rapper, producer and engineer has been shaking up the scene over the past year, and this latest push from Notifi and the Farewell camp looks to be the one that will ascend them to the next level. Hooking up with Supah Mario (producer of Drake’s “Blue Tint”) Notifi’s latest single, “Wave” is the perfect follow up record to keep the momentum in his favour. The new set of visuals premiered at Private Music Showcase at the Drake Underground where fans were treated to the exclusive viewing of the video as well as a performance of unheard music from the artists forthcoming debut EP. Sonically, Notifi brings a fresh, unfiltered level of authenticity to his music; taking the sound of the 6ix to new terranes. Be sure to check out this latest release from Notifi and share your thoughts with us.